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***All trading carries risk

Bitcoin Power Features

Easy to use trading platform

Bitcoin Power goal is to make highly profitable crypto trading accessible to the masses. We have helped thousands of people with no prior trading experience enjoy the amazing profitability found in leveraged BTC trading. Please take advantage of our risk control tools to manage the trading risk associated with leveraged crypto trading.

Safe and Transparent Trading Environment

Safety and transparency are extremely important in any automated trading. Bitcoin Power have put in place mechanisms to help you track all aspects of your Bitcoin Power account in real-time. Moreover, we have entered into a partnership with regulated brokers to guarantee our users the safety of their funds.

Seamless withdrawal Process

With Bitcoin Power, you can withdraw your profits for free whenever you want. You can withdraw up to ten times for free each month. Any withdrawal after that could attract a 1% fee. Click the funds’ management tab on the bottom left corner of the trading dashboard to redirect to the withdrawal page. Fill the request, and your funds will process in the next 12 hours.

Why Invest in Bitcoin Power?

Bitcoin Power is a high performing trading system with daily profitability of up to 70%. Such a high return rate is possible through our sophisticated trading strategy. Moreover, we trade on extremely high leverage as provided by our partner brokers.

With Bitcoin Power, you get exposure to some of the world's most volatile Crypto CFDs products. These include BTC paired against 25 fiat currencies and 31 cryptos. Our trading system applies news-trading techniques to capitalize on the volatility.

Bitcoin Power is quite easy. Sign up for free on this page and fund your account. You can start with as little as USD250. This amount could grow significantly if you have the patience and discipline to reinvest daily profits for growth. Please remember that all crypto trading involves risk!

Join now and Trade up to 90 Crypto CFDs Pairs


1 How many hours do I trade daily?

Bitcoin Power automates the whole trading process, and hence nearly zero manual input is needed. This means that trading with this bot shouldn’t disrupt your day to day activities. Switch on the robot for live trading and let it run for up to 8 hours daily.

2 How much does Bitcoin Power cost?

Bitcoin Power is the only highly-rated trading platform that is license-free for all users. We only make money by charging a 2% commission on profitable accounts. This means that we don’t earn anything from unprofitable accounts.

3 Is Bitcoin Power a con?

We are a popular and highly transparent trading platform powered by the best of crypto CFDs trading technologies. Our trading system has received great ratings from individual consumers and experts.

4 How do I download the Bitcoin Power app?

A download link will be emailed to you immediately after registration. You can also download the app from our trading resources page. Our trading app is hybrid and compatible with Android/IOS devices.

5 Is Bitcoin Power profitable?

With Bitcoin Power, you could generate up to 80% in daily profits during market volatility peaks. This rate of return could turn you into a millionaire if you reinvest most of the daily profits.

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More about Bitcoin Power

How to sign up and trade with Bitcoin Power

Bitcoin Power enables users to trade BTC CFDs hands-free. You don’t need to know anything about crypto to use this platform successfully.

Moreover, you don’t need to break your bank to trade with it. An investment of just USD250 is enough to get started. This amount could generate up to $850 daily during high market volatility.

You don’t need to resign from your day job to use this robot. This is because it runs automatically. Set the trading conditions and leave it running as you continue with your daily business.

1) It Signing up for a Bitcoin Power account is quite easy. Click the signup button and submit the required information through the provided form.

2) If We will automatically link you with one of our brokers. Complete registration with the broker by providing ID verification documents. Proceed to fund your account with as little as USD250.

3) Your deposit should reflect in your trading account instantly. This means that you can start a live session right away. We recommend that you visit our trading resources page first. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the platform through our state-of-the-art demo platform.

What is Bitcoin Power?

You’re probably aware that Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven computer programs are taking over most of the professional jobs in most industries. AI-driven trading involves powerful computer programs performing trading functions automatically.

Bitcoin Power app is an AI-driven computer algorithm that automatically trades BTC CFDs. The bot operates at an extremely high win rate and can place up to ten trades every second. This justifies its high win rate. You can hit the home run with our system even if you are extremely new to crypto trading.

Facts about Bitcoin Power

Bitcoin Power is a top-ranking auto-trading system founded on the same technologies used by the big banks to trade derivatives. Here are some amazing facts about our platform.

  • Bitcoin Power has helped tens of thousands of users gain financial freedom through BTC trading.
  •  Anyone can trade with Bitcoin Power given that it runs on autopilot. Users have an option to automate even the non-technical functions.
  • Bitcoin Power is backed by over twenty tier-one brokers with the regulation in the UK, Australia, and South Africa. Trading with this system involves both opportunities and risks. Do not invest what will cause devastation in the event of a loss.
Bitcoin Power in the media

We have gained massive popularity in the last few years due to the many positive reviews from our users.

Bitcoin Power is currently among the top trending subjects on Google. We are also discussed over 50,000 times on platforms such as Reddit. Moreover, our trading system has been featured in the mainstream media in Australia and the UK.

Our popularity has also attracted a fair share of gossip. For instance, some social media posts have associated us with celebrities, as explained below.

  • Bitcoin Power and Elon Musk – Elon Musk is the world richest man and the founder of Tesla and SpaceX. He has expressed interests in crypto in the past, so gossip blogs are associating him with our platform.

However, the rumours are not true. We publish all information necessary to make an informed trading decision on our website.

Is Bitcoin Power legit? Final word!

Bitcoin Power operates transparently and have invested in top safety measures. Our partner brokers are regulated and hence adhere to strict deposit protection measures.

Moreover, the Bitcoin Power trading ecosystem is based on the DLT technology to ensure seamless peer to peer transactions. We were founded in 2015 and are therefore among the oldest BTC CFDs trading robots.

Bitcoin Power is easy to use for all since it runs on autopilot. You only need to read our layman’s setup guide and adjust the system accordingly. Toggle the “Trade now” button to start a live trading session.  Bitcoin Power could generate handsome profits daily from an investment of $250 only. You could earn more by reinvesting profits.

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